Lifestyle and business coach

Hi, I am Lesley Colcord. Thank you for taking some time to have a look at my website.

I have enjoyed many years in my practice of being a Life & Business Coach.  Since I completed my initial coach training in 2002 I have followed various paths of learning and study that have enhanced and complemented my coaching business.

My professional life before becoming a coach centred mainly on adult learning and development.  I worked as trainer/teacher, a self employed consultant, and a small business owner.

I coach smart, focused people who are looking for more or who are sometimes looking for less! I have a coaching style that is relaxed yet focused, fun yet strategic, and structured yet creative.

Lesley Colcord Life & Business CoachI am a non-conformist, I think laterally, and I am positive and curious. Part of my coaching philosophy is to embrace and work with people’s strengths. The path of least resistance, maybe?!

Coaching is very much a collaborative process. My coaching strengths, coupled with the continual insights and exposure I get from working with amazing people, who share with me their diverse situations and experiences, has helped me sustain a successful, sought after coaching practice since 2002.

I look forward to hearing from you!