Lesley had the methodology, structure and experience, as well as a great sense of humour to show me the path to my goals.
Lesley’s ability to fine tune the existing qualities as well as uncover and develop the person I want to be, has given me a renewed energy.
The structured nature underlying the coaching sessions ensured that we kept on track but not at the expense of exploring the creative side of things.
Lesley has a quiet and calm yet fun approach.
Thank you Lesley for showing me the key to my success!
Without moving from her chair she has shaken trees and done more to help me change my life than I could have imagined.
Working with Lesley as my coach enabled me to uncover my career goals and visualise my future business plans.
In 6 months Lesley has quite simply helped me achieve more towards my goals than I had in years.
I can happily say that my time management, organisational structure and work efficiency is exactly where I want it.
I looked forward to my session each week, as it was a great opportunity for quality time for me on a regular basis.
Lesley helped me to prioritise and organise myself.
I could say honestly how scared I felt, and be heard.
With warmth, generosity and attention to detail, Lesley has been a great support.
I cannot recommend Life Coaching with Lesley highly enough.
Lesley Colcord epitomises a Life Coach for me.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Lesley to any prospective client for life coaching second to none.
I do have regrets. That is not having met a great coach years ago, Lesley thank you.
Her great personality makes her a pleasure to meet with.